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PT. Marga Cipta Selaras was established as a chemical distributor company in 2012. Since then, the company continuing to be a reliable distributor company in Indonesia. The head office is located in Tangerang, Indonesia.

The company main business is to distributing chemicals to all end user all over Indonesia.

PT. Marga Cipta Selaras has been working hardly and seriously to form mutually beneficial alliances with their Principals of their chemical products and technologies.


With strong business fundamentals, we have started to establish a market leading position in chemical distribution industry.  Ambitious in term of growth and quality of our earnings in the future.  Our highly diversified and dynamic market presents many opportunities. Our goals and objectives as follows:

  • To be the safest chemical distributor.
  • To be the fastest-growing chemical distributor.
  • To be the most profitable chemical distributor.
  • To be the chemical distributor which offers its customers a full-line product portfolio.
  • To be the preferred chemical distributor for our customers and suppliers. 


To provide customers with high quality chemical products needed from globally recognized suppliers.  We will also strive to be the most trusted, reliable, and knowledgeable partner to our customers and suppliers, and thus support them in success of their businesses.


To be the unparalleled leader of chemical distributor in Indonesia by providing the highest standards for quality, consistency, product variety, dependability, and integrity in our business and personal relationship.General Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, Solvent Chemicals,


PT. Marga Cipta Selaras has been a well-respected player in the volatile Indonesian market.  Success is built on a foundation of personal and professional integrity. The following codes of conduct provide guidance to ensure we meet our highest standard and conduct business the right way:

Trust, we keep our commitments to our stakeholders, specifically, we want customer to be able to trust that their supply of chemical products will be continuous and stable.

Honesty, we believe that key to a long-lasting relationship with our stakeholders is to be honest in our communication with them.

Responsiveness, we recognize relevant stakeholders' feedback and we do something about it . We take pride in responding to communications from our stakeholders, whether in the form of comments or question, problem or compliments.

Stability, we understand that maintaining a steady flow of production is crucial to our customers. This is why we continually strive to maintain stability in product prices, quality and punctuality for delivery time.



Marga Cipta Selaras has based its business model on adding value to those it supplies, marketing core chemical products and assuring 100% availability, flexibility and reliability when it comes to product supply. Furthermore, buffer capacity and the ability to be proactive and agile in a changing market give us the edge on its competitors.


  • Integrity
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Commitment
  • Team Work
  • Trust and Respect
  • Value creation through innovation and operational excellence
  • Continous improvement


Our strength is based on three main pilars: its successful and resillent business model, a strong financial profile, and highly trained and motivated employees.  We cover every aspect of the chemical distribution value chain, offering products and services to meet every customer need.  Customer satisfaction drives both repeat business and economic success for us.

In a constructive and motivating environment, we always challenge and encourage our employees.  That's what make our employees think and act in enterpreneurial and responsive manner.  We deal fairly with our employees, we acknowledge and reward achievement, and we address problem openly to find solution together.  We are always aware of one fact:  the best business model cannot be successful unless it is lived day in, day out by all members of the organization. 







The Company will practice and implement all business strategies that insure reliability, honesty, transparency, flexibility, credibility, cost efficiency, quality assurance and customer satisfaction.