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In addition to our chemical distribution services, we operate a specialist packaged Chemical Storage facility and operate the best available logistic services nationwide. We ensure that we are continually developing our warehouse facilities in order to expand.  Our main warehouse provides excellent chemical storage conditions.  In addition, we offer a comprehensive nationwide distribution service. With our own fleet of specialist vehicles, we can deliver your order quickly and safely.

Our storage tank in the terminal is blanketed with Nitrogen (N2) in order to maintain the quality.  On the other hand, we have well trained personnel to operate the warehouse and run in compliance with the latest health and safety regulations. We want to ensure safe transport, handling and storage of our products. We want to achieve this through reliable logistics partners, global standards and an effective organization.  What customers expect from our logistics operations is clear: They want the products they have ordered to be delivered punctually and in the correct amount and quality. Products therefore have to be transported, handled and stored safely. By ensuring this, we fulfill our obligation to society when bringing products to our customers.

We provide several types of packaging:

  • ISO Tank
  • Lorry Truck (10 KL and 20 KL)
  • IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) / Totes with grounding
  • Steel / plastic drum (new and reconditioned)
  • Jerry Can

As a matter of policy, we strives to manufacture, handle and transport of its chemical products 100 percent safely. Moreover, we work with our customers, carriers, suppliers, distributors and contractors to encourage them to comply with our safety and environmental codes. 

To achieve its mission, we  prioritize safety, service and integrity. To begin with, the company believes that all occupational illnesses and injuries are preventable and will not deliver hazardous products nor operate in unsafe or substandard installations. It is the responsibility of each our employee to make safety his or her number one priority.

We strive to conduct our business in a safe, injury free and environmentally responsible manner. We demonstrate our values by our actions, conducting our business in an ethical way by adhering to the following principles:

  • To provide timely information that serves to improve public understanding about the safety of chemicals,
  • To assure that our chemical products provide their intended benefits while protecting human's health and the ecosystem,
  • To actively participate in common sense advocacy efforts, chemical testing programs and  children's health initiatives.

Optimizing the distribution network and rationalizing inventories in a multi-echelon supply chain is critical for the chemical and bulk materials manufacturing industry. Strict regulatory requirements and environmental controls add more pressure to business. Flat-to-declining prices are on each competitor’s list of top concerns. To be competitive, supply chain process must continuously focus efforts on shortening lead times, handling more volume and reducing inventory expense—while ensuring constant replenishment and great customer service. Effective supply chain planning is essential. It can also get complicated. To keep prices as low as possible, many companies are focused on becoming more demand-driven. Production and distribution needs must be synchronized with time-phased demand plans in order for the supply chain process to operate with maximum efficiency. 


Service is defined by the fact that customers are the foundation for the company’s success. We focus on customers’ needs, strives to exceed their expectations and communicates honestly at all times, treating employees, customers, suppliers and stakeholders ethically and with integrity.